Infrastructure Design

New business? Wanting to expand or upgrade?

Whether you plan to set up a new system or you want to upgrade/extend your current IT systems; or maybe you just need consultation to see if there is a better way to do things; Aurora ITS can take care of it.

We will design the most suitable infrastructure based on your needs and we will project manage the whole operation from start to finish. 

We will plan the operation so that there is minimal disturbance to your users to ensure that a seamless and pain free upgrade is carried out. We will accomplish this by undertaking a staged approach in implemention and also by carrying out the critical aspects of the upgrade in out of hours when your business is not in operation.

We have been trusted to do this for all types of businesses including a private hospital.

Our Staged Approach

Each new project we take on follows a structured approach

STAGE 1 - Initial Consultation & Proposal (FREE OF CHARGE)

We meet with you at your office in order to begin to build a picture of where you are now and where you want to be. We then go away and think about all the options and deduce the best plan which we put forward in a detailed proposal.

STAGE 2 - Information Gathering & Solutions Testing.

If the project is larger and/or complex, we may require further investigation and information gathering as well as solutions testing. Once we have found the best possible options, we'll update the proposal so that you can make the best informed decision.

STAGE 3 - Purchasing

AuroraITS have access to CRM Resellers of the year to ensure best prices when buying in bulk.

STAGE 4 - System Implementation & Deployment

Once the plan is finalised and we have all the hardware & software required, we proceed by putting it all together and customising it where needed to make sure we have the perfect fit.

STAGE 5 - User Training

To truly ensure efficiency you have to be sure that all the users know how to take advantage of the advancements made. We can either directly or indirectly arrange for users to be trained in the new systems so that users are not left in the dark.

STAGE 6 - Ongoing Maintenance, IT Support & Future Proofing Infrastructure.

After the project is complete we can maintain the systems, provide support in the event of issues and even future proof the infrostructure by always being mindful of future needs. We'll manage it so you don't have to.

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