Aurora Spam Filter

Powerful enterprise level spam filtering, made easy.

Prevent annoying or malicious spam before it even reaches your domain

Our enterprise level spam filter has the power to transform your users inbox into a clean and organised platform, as well as protecting your business from phishing attacks and virus attached emails.

Backup Mail Catcher

Our spam filter can also act as a backup mail catcher so that in the event of your primary email exchange going down, you can be safe knowing that all your incoming emails will not bounce and instead they will be archived on our spam filter server for 30days. Once the email services are restored the archived emails will automatically be delivered.

Searchable Quarantine & Reports

All spam is stored in a searchable quarantine so that you always know who sent it, what it contained and where it came from. You'll also have access to reports in order to ascertain how effective our spam filter really is. Just log in to view all this information and more, by clicking HERE

Spam Filter

Full List of Spam Filter

Please see the table below for the full list of features offered by our enterprise level spam filtering service.

  • Features

  • Spam, Virus & Malware Filtering
  • Unlimited Email Addresses & Domain Aliases
  • Email Archiving (30 days)
  • Cloud-Based (spanning multiple datacenters)
  • Destination fail-over MX Support
  • Schedule Hourly, Daily or Weekly Reports
  • Dashboard with statistics and message totals
  • Blacklisting & Whitelisting Ability
  • Customisable Filtering Policies
  • Supported by Aurora IT Solutions
  • Status

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