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Aurora IT Solutions are a London based IT services provider offering a full range of professional IT solutions to small and medium sized businesses.​ ​ We take pride in our high quality tailored service which we are able to offer at a lower price than our competitors, starting with a FREE initial consultation.





Why Aurora I.T.S.?

All in one, Low Cost, High Performance IT service provider who will go as far as it takes to get the job done!

Dedicated Account Manager

No call center lottery trying to find someone who can help. A dedicated account manager means you have one person to call for whatever the requirment

Large Resource of Experts

With a host of experts in house and strong relationships with the major hardware & software manufacturers, you can be sure that we'll have the answer

Going the Extra Mile

Sick of hearing "It's not our department"? Well with Aurora behind you we won't pass the buck even if it really isn't our department. Going beyond the call of duty to get to the bottom of any request is ingrained in us


Risk Free

Why risk anything? Everything from the FREE initial consultation, flexible price plans, and access to your complete IT dossier means that you'll never have to worry about being stung. You're in control


We never say "No". Whatever it is we'll find a way. We're not afraid of adapting in order to serve you better.

All-in-One Technology Partner

Not sure who to contact for a specific need? Well if it's technology related then the chances are you just need to come to us. We manage your infrastructure and needs so you can focus on growth...and if you need help with growth, then we may be able to help with that too!


What do you need?


Whether you plan to setup a new system or you want to upgrade/extend your current system, Aurora ITS can take care of it. We will design the most suitable infrastructure based on your needs and project manage the whole operation from start to finish.


Aurora IT Solutions offer a complete help desk style support and systems maintenance package. You will never have to worry about your IT again as we will maintain your servers, workstations and other devices and also assign a dedicated support engineer to you so that in the event of support being needed you will always have a friendly face on the other side of the phone. All of this at a lower rate than our competitors.


Your website is your business identity, your shop front and your key to establishing future business.

Why not let us enhance your business by creating or upgrading your current website. With our team of creative web designers we can make your business stand out from the crowd and convey the image you want to present.


Check out our premium high performance hosting packages. Our hosting facility is based in the UK which will help your clients reach you faster and help with the all important search engine optimisation (SEO). We offer a 99.9% server up time SLA and we don't believe in overloading our servers. It's in safe hands.

Take your pick...


Our enterprise level spam filter has the power to transform your users inbox into a clean organised platform, as well as protecting your business from phishing attacks and virus attached attacks.

As well as preventing unsolicited emails, our spam filter can also act as a backup mail catcher so that in the event of your primary exchange going down, you can be safe knowing that all of your incoming emails will be delivered once email service is restored.


Aurora IT Solutions is ideally placed to get you the best price for your hardware and software needs. With our supply network reaching all of the major brands we can ensure a very low competitive price on all your requirements.


Considering IP phones? Call centre based automated software and hardware? Any other telecoms related projects? Well look no further.

Arrange for a FREE initial consultation to see what we can do for you.


Improving productivity isn't just about having the best systems in place. It's also about maximising user efficiency.

This is yet another area Aurora IT Solutions can be of service. Contact us and see what we can do to bridge that gap.


​​​Aurora IT Solutions started life as an IT consultancy service in 2008. However after various meetings with clients to propose suitable solutions to their IT requirements, it was apparent that there were no real reasonably priced IT service providers that could carry out the proposed upgrades and maintain the system to a high level. So Aurora IT Solutions quickly realised this and began to provide a one stop shop for all technology requirements.

From just word of mouth we have gone on to attract more and more clients who had heard about our high level of comprehensive service, and we continue to grow today in the same way.

There is no job too small or too complex for us and we will always look to provide the same high quality service no matter where we are deployed. This is the reason why our motto has become "We can do IT!".

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Aria Asady-Sabet


"I appreciate that there are of course other larger service providers. However, with the larger service providers you are often dealing with impersonal and changing staff that do not genuinely care for the businesses that they are dealing with. They have no interest in putting in the time to build a real understanding of your business operation and chemistry, they are not flexible and will often only do the bare minimum that is required to get by.

We recognise that the success of our business is directly linked to the success of your business, so we will always take a keen interest. We treat our clients how we would want to be treated. It’s not just about providing the service, we take great pride in what we’re doing."

Client Reviews

  • Girl

    "Having used Aurora ITS for several technical requirements, I have found that their service is consistently excellent. Aurora are very friendly, professional and most importantly, reliable.  They provide a complete service that is quite simply outstanding and above anything else I have experienced. I would highly recommend Aurora IT Solutions to any professional organisation"

    Jack Churchill - Technical Operations
    ITV Studios

  • Girl 3

    ”​I have worked with Aurora IT Solutions for five years, in particular with Aria Asady-Sabet. I have found Aria a joy to work with, I receive an immediate response to any phone calls and/or emails, any issues/queries are dealt with professionally and efficiently and where possibly with immediate effect.”

    Jessica Moran - Director of Operations
    Shakib & Co Ltd
  • Girl 2

    ”I cannot speak more highly of Aurora ITS.  We made the decision to go with them three years ago and will never look back.  They are a part of us now.”

    Dr Wilhelm Schäfer - Director
    Bio Skin Care

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Aurora IT Solutions

Aurora IT Solutions act like an extension to your business and works like a hidden IT department. But no need to pay a full salary to an IT engineer, just pay for what you need when you need it. It's That Simple!

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